Integrated architect, interior design
& turn-key builder company

We look at the whole picture, from the landscape to the client's needs.
We control the whole process from area selection, engineering
geological surveys, construction. But the most important moment
is solicitude, so we can guarantee 100% security of the transaction,
and high-quality project management from A to Z. Our work experience
includes not only high technical qualifications, but also knowledge
about history of Bali in general and the area Canggu in particular.

We know all the pitfalls in past and present and appreciate the real risks and purchase potential. We firmly believe that the design of any project should be harmonious, and the approach to seamless implementation. Our design counts in principles of sophistication, comfort, environmental friendliness and functionality with all the wishes of the customer.
Interior Design
Art Direction
Graphic Design
& 3D Rendering

Why is Bali?
A tropical island of outstanding contrasts: modern infrastructure, pristine nature, luxury hotels, picturesque beaches. Azure ocean waters, green jungle paradise, beautiful falling waterfalls and the breath of aged volcanoes.
Bali inhabited by friendly locals and freelance expats, ambassadors of modernity from all over the Bali is one of the most attractive destinations for travels on the planet and one of the most friendly places to live - sunny, subhumid climate with a smooth, comfortable temperature throughout the year. The wet season falls on winter months, however, the showers usually occur at night and just freshen the air without spoiling your holiday.
As an addition to rich nature - friendly Balinese locals and freelance expats from all over the world.
There is everything for a fulfilling life of a modern person: sports playgrounds and facilities (fitness clubs, tennis and soccer courts), medical centers, childcare facilities (international schools*, creative studios), shops, coworking spaces, restaurants for any taste.
The infrastructure is developing fast, real estate is always in demand, and the registration procedure is pretty simple. Depending on the purpose, capabilities and preferences, it is possible to implement a project of any complexity at an affordable price.

At the beginning of the pandemic sales dropped to zero, but from the second half of the year, the prevailing market situation served as a driver for the growth of transactions, mainly in property. The island's attractiveness to foreign residents is only growing: young people and families are looking for a more comfortable and free way of life away from metropolitan areas.
The island is developing rapidly and attracts more and more interesting people from all over the world, and local authorities only contribute to this development of events.
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Value proposition
  • Real estate is a reliable tool for diversifying your investment portfolio. Financial markets are unpredictable and do not guarantee long-term financial stability.

  • After stabilization and opening of borders, there is every chance for a boom in the real estate market. Demand will grow, and not only in the tourist segment, but for residential properties - for work, life and recreation on the island.
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State interest
  • Simplification of obtaining visas for long-term stay: digital nomads (working remotely) and long-term visas, for a period of 2 years with a further extension (when investing in the local economy), which is attractive for business owners and the older generation

  • The central authorities finance important infrastructure projects on the island (road improvement, construction of a second airport, development of bicycle routes, etc.), samen time the locals are extremely hospitable to foreigners.
Average term of project development and construction is 9-15 months from the moment of the conclusion of the contract and the first installment.
The first step
  • Vision of the project (we fix the goals and objectives of the acquisition)
  • Budget and Timeline
  • Formation of contract
  • Search and purchase of land
  • Preparation of technical documentation (M.E.P., IMB)
  • Design project development
  • Finalization and approval
  • Design and budgeting
  • Design and estimate documentation with all sections: architectural, construction, engineering.
  • Construction and installation work on the construction (foundation, walls, roof, floor installation)
  • In-house communications (electricity, water supply, sewerage
  • Landscape design
  • Arrangement
  • Сommissioning of a facility
  • Self-hosted / resale
Sale of a finished object — transfer of ownership.
Conclusion of an agreement with the management company.

  • Short term rental
Conclusion of a contract with a management company (PMA) for management and leasing
During the warranty period, 10-15% of the construction budget is frozen until the end of the warranty period.
Searching for land/Checkout
Interior Design
Development of design concept
Landscape design
Visualization album
Author's supervision/
Quality control
Architectural documentation
Search and tender construction
company and project manager (foreman)
If you have any questions, please email us at or give us a call
Construction company
When implementing each new project, we conduct a tender for construction and open to work with new contractors.
Our partner
Indonesian subcontractor, we have been cooperating in construction works for more than 2 years.
  • An officially registered Indonesian company performs work for both private and large commercial and government projects, complying with all construction and quality documentation.
  • Based on the experience of working with a contractor, we can guarantee quality, meeting deadlines and have competitive prices.